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Retourion Mortgages was established in 2005 by two Dutch Tax Lawyers. Due to their academic background in tax law, the advisors are more than familiar with all financial and tax aspects with respect to purchasing real estate in The Netherlands. In 2005 Retourion was already considered a market leader in terms of developing service offering by introducing fixed fees for their services. Retourion Mortgages has been chosen as one of the most professional and innovative financial advising companies in 2010.

Financial advisors

Retourion Mortgages financial advisors have years of experience supporting international clients in the process of obtaining the appropriate mortgages for property acquisition within The Netherlands. They know better than anyone the way in the financial world when it comes to purchasing a property.   They will guide you through the complete financial process of buying a new property. The extensive business network of Retourion Mortgages enables them to take care of all aspects, from analysing your personal financial situation, through relevant document control/analysis from the civil law notary, prior to issuing the deeds.

Mortgage advice

The current real estate and financial market still gives you many opportunities to buy a new property and to finance this.  It is, however, highly recommended to first obtain advice on your personal financial situation prior to purchasing a new property. It gives you security in advance on the feasibility to obtain a mortgage for a new property and will promote an efficient search. The financial advisors of Retourion Mortgages have the goal to guide you in all financial aspects of the buying process of a new property from the start in the right professional way.

Retourion Mortgages has all major banks / insurance companies in portfolio and can offer additional attractive incentives for employees of certain international organisations / companies.

Tax Legal Accounting

Retourion Mortgages, in combination with their tax advising practice Raadhuys Tax Legal Accounting, ensures an accurate and long standing business relationship with clients. It would be a pleasure for the advisors to take care of your annual personal income tax returns or other tax issues as well.

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